Leading Transformational Artist Jena la Flamme presents...
Leading dancers into deeper connection, overflowing magic, and unapologetic pleasure and bliss

Dance with Awakened Senses and a Liberated Soul.
Tantra is a philosophy of living from ancient India that is extremely relevant to modern life, and also to partner dance, including of course, Kizomba.

Tantra teaches that everything in life can be a meditation and an opportunity for personal transformation, including dance. The dance of Kizomba becomes as symbol for our broader dance with life.

Imagine yourself on the dance floor, experiencing your ideal dance.

Imagine yourself dancing:

Without the distraction of nervous thoughts getting in the way of your flow

With a high degree of sensitivity to your partner

Feeling even more sensual and connected, with your partner and yourself

Experiencing greater degrees of magic unfolding with every dance as you feel supported by the Earth, the music, and the spirit of the dance.

In the Tantra Kiz workshop you will experience:

How to improve your dance by awakening your five senses

Why we so deeply want to connect and why we dance

An easy breathwork practice that will make your dance (and your life) smoother and more connected

How to activate your chakras (energy centers in the body) in order to have a deeper connection with yourself and your partners when you dance

These practices are all complementary to the dance of Kizomba.
You absorb them and then express them on the dance floor as you see fit.

Workshop is suitable for beginner or advanced dancers alike.
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